Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Direction

Recently I decided to expand into another venue by becoming a contributing writer on the Associated Content web site. While I still intend to post regular content here on my blog, I thought this might be a good way to more effectively conduct outreach among non-nudists by having positive articles on naturism and nudism published in a more mainstream venue. Happily, Associated Content accepted my first nudism article, The Emerging Nudist and I even received a few bucks for my trouble. While I will be submitting articles on a variety of topics there under the pen name, Jon Stall, I intend to concentrate on naturism and nudism and in fact have already submitted two more articles on that topic and am awaiting the decision of the site editors on publication. It would be much appreciated if the readers here would follow the links I will be providing to my Associated Content articles. The more the articles are accessed I think the better the chances that similar articles will be accepted by the editors for publication on AC and the more non-nudists I can reach with my message.


  1. That is exactly the way to get more people interested in naturism -- keep up the great work! You're a great writer, and hopefully you get some good exposure on the site. (No pun intended.)

  2. Great article. I posted a link on my website, as I thought the article captured the essence of what naturism is all about. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good luck in your new venture. It's one thing to talk about naturism with other naturists but it's essential preaching to the choir. If we can reach non-nudists and win some of their hearts and minds, that's a good thing.

  4. Hello Everyone, A Special Invitation for You!
    I just wanted to let everyone know about my new book. Especially here at this site. Why, because everyone in my book is naked. They Love being naked and loving all the time. Here’s a few short excerpts from my book for your enjoyment:
    …”You see in our society, beauty and love and making love are lifelong desires we all have. Love and making love is what our society is all about. It is what we’ve been Genetically Engineered to do. We celebrate Healthy living and Sex. It is our way.”…
    …True to her word, as we left the Medical Center hand in hand, I saw females here and there being carried about while mounted upon muscular males. I also saw couples here and there making love on couches and other soft pedestals which were placed along the way, as Female told me, just for that purpose. I also felt warm air circulated about me, in this beautiful domed city of love, so that walking about naked felt quite normal and comfortable. I looked up as we left the Medical Center and observed the beautiful Dome that covered the city. So I had correctly guessed that the air was filtered and climate controlled just like in one of my ‘Sleep Units’. …
    …This was a beautiful city full of Beautiful people doing Beautiful things. Nearly always naked, they work and have wonderful sex whenever possible. …
    Not too bad ha. I wrote this book with the nude lifestyle in mind. My book is called: Tomorrow’s World #1 by Steve Nelson. Please Google me and my book title for more info.
    Thank You Very Much, Steve Nelson

  5. Steve, while I have no problem with your book in general, a nudist/naturist forum is not the place to promote it. We are constantly attacked by people who equate simple nudity with sex, and mixing the two subjects like this confuses people even more. While nudists don't deny that people are sexual beings, nudism is about simply enjoying being in your own skin. Check out for more information.